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Lehman Center/Main Office
5871 Groveland Station Road, Mt. Morris, NY
Main Number (585) 658-4023
Day Care: Ext. 4409
Director's Office: Ext. 4321

Additional Center
Dansville Center
31 Clara Barton Street
Dansville, NY 14437
(585) 335-5531

Our Vision
Childhood is an experience to be celebrated by families and the community.

Our Mission
The KidStart mission is to support families and the community in the joys and challenges of childhood. The program is dedicated to providing a healthy, nurturing environment where all children can grow and function at their individual best. To achieve its mission, services provided through KidStart include:

• Day Care
KidStart is a state licensed provider of care for children with special needs and children without disabilities. Its day care center provides a safe, nurturing environment where children learn through play, with opportunities for physical, emotional, and social growth.

• Early Intervention
It’s never too early for your child to engage in activities where they receive help from certified special education teachers and certified/licensed therapists. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to work together with staff to help a child achieve his or her full potential.

• Evaluation Services
KidStart's state-approved evaluation center delivers a comprehensive appraisal and written analysis of a child's abilities and needs. The Evaluation team includes a coordinator, school psychologist, speech pathologist, physical and occupational therapists, special education teacher, and registered nurse.

• Head Start Program
The Head Start program provides preschool children and their families with activities to assist in mental, social, emotional and physical growth. Eligibility is based on family income.
Head Start Annual Report 2012

• School Age Program
Education staff members in our School Age Program provide organized activities based on the age, needs and interests of the children. The daily routine includes opportunities for children to work individually or as part of a group. Children choose from a wide variety of available materials and activities. Staff members initiate activities appropriate to the age and developmental levels of the children.

• Special Services Preschool Program
Certified special education professionals and licensed therapists in our Preschool Special Services Program accommodate each child's unique needs and learning style so children have optimal opportunities to succeed in learning and mastering new skills. KidStart's Preschool Program is a comprehensive program providing: screening and evaluation; special education; speech, occupational, and physical therapy; counseling; referrals to diagnostic clinics and other agencies as appropriate. Staff members work closely with family members and school district representatives to ensure optimal opportunities for children to succeed.



The golden years are really the first five years of life, or so it should be, in order to secure the future.

Walk in the door and picture a place where you feel safe, accepted, loved, and respected; a place where the windows are low and let in the sunshine; where the toys, materials, and furniture are just the right size for you; a place with a predictable routine that includes fun, exciting learning activities; a place where you have friends your own age to play with; a place where caring adults are excited to see you, listen to you, play with you, and help you solve any problems.

There’s an outside playground with climbers, swings, slides, tricycles, and a sandbox where you can expand your skills.

Your friends here are from diverse homes and have multiple needs: some are living in poverty; some are disabled; some are here for child care; some are very social and some are withdrawn; some are very bright; some are months old; some are getting ready for Kindergarten.

Adults here know who’s in your family and are like extended family themselves. They welcome your mom, dad, or other family members. The adults are people from many professions, each with expertise and experience in his/her field. The adults are KidStart employees all working together to provide the services that will help each child and each family accomplish their goals.

Early childhood best practices are a natural part of the environment for all of the children and their families. Learning is celebrated as a continuing journey and positive relationships are the key to this journey.

Our History
The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming has provided vital services to area children and families for more than 35 years through the KidStart program.

KidStart opened at the Holcomb Building on the SUNY Geneseo campus in 1977 as Arc Children's Services, to serve preschool children with developmental delays and/or diagnosed disabilities. In 1992 KidStart added Day Care/School Age Programs and in 1993 the Head Start Program. Head Start and Preschool Programs were also opened in 1993 in Dansville.

In 2011, KidStart relocated from its SUNY Geneseo home to the new Lehman Center in Groveland, due to planned construction by the college that included the demolition of Holcomb. The new building is named for Lyle Lehman, an Arc Board member and retired SUNY Geneseo professor who helped to establish KidStart.

Over the decades KidStart has grown from serving 12 children to serving over 300 children, from 8 counties and 18 school districts. Children are served in 16 classrooms and home/community based services are also provided by KidStart staff.

KidStart staff are well positioned to facilitate child development and to accommodate the expanding needs of children and families.

Staff are continually trained with the information and skills necessary to implement education trends and regulations based on new medical findings, innovative collaborations and shifts in regulations. Training is focused on child development and early childhood curriculum.

In a staff of 150, 45% are certified professionals and another 5% have Associate Degrees in early childhood or related fields.

The entire KidStart staff is dedicated to the celebration of childhood and providing the educational foundation our children need.