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Mailing Address
18 Main Street
Mt. Morris, NY 14510

1 Murray Hill Drive
(585) 991-5481 (Director)
Mt. Morris, NY 14510

Family Feedback about Service Coordination
(Source: Consumer Satisfaction Survey)
"She totally Rocks! I love her!"

"She’s always there for us at a moment’s notice. She goes the extra mile to provide programming suitable to (consumer’s) needs. She relates well to (consumer). Her knowledge of the system has helped us procure funding when needed."

"Diligence, consistent, faithful, and gets the job done. Five stars for her!"

"She is really nice and really kind, and she is really good about being on time. She is just like family to me, and I am really happy with her. She is the very best!"

"In our eyes, she goes above and beyond. She has helped us with every aspect of my brother’s life and we are truly grateful! And best of all is that my brother likes her and isn't against giving her a call if he needs something. She is the best!"

"I like the way she fosters a relationship with (consumer). She is a very strong advocate for (consumer). She is very sincere and caring, and she puts 100% into her job and does it well."

"She’s prompt, knowledgeable, helpful, and always cheerful. She is the best!"

"She is absolutely great! She has experience, knowledge, and professionalism. She comes prepared every month, and is available to help us solve crisis in between visits. Love, love, love her! She is the best!"

"I love that she is such a family orientated person and takes the time to get to know the clients and their family more than just by a number. We all love her at our house, she is one of our family now."

"She is always concerned about (consumer’s) well being. She always has wonderful suggestions and ideas about things that would be helpful to have for (consumer)."

Always there to support (consumer). Every visit she is prepared with information or trainings. Always returns my calls immediately. Extremely pleased!!"

"She is really great with relating to the kids and helping to get their needs met. I love how she always tries to make it to their appointments and meetings. Love her help in filling out the paperwork."

"She is helping me put the pieces together to make it fit so somewhere in the future I can get an apartment on my own."

"She is friendly and very professional. She takes pride in doing her job, and excels at doing it. My son is very blessed to have her as his coordinator. She does an outstanding job with following up on any questions or concerns I have. She reports back."

"She always has good ideas and suggestions. She helps us with information that we don’t have easy access to on-line. She is always willing to come to CSE meetings when we need her."

"She is very understanding, and treats (consumer) fairly; she listens to him-even when he thinks his concerns are major and they really are not! I especially appreciated help this year when we ran into major problems with Social Security and Social Services."


The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program provides personalized, one-on-one assistance to help you and your loved one navigate the sea of services available on your journey to achieve success and self-fulfillment.


With so many programs and services available to help you achieve your goals and dreams, it is critically important that a trained, knowledgeable person is available to listen, answer questions, and be a guide to the right activities and support based on individual needs and desires. The Arc can help, with a professional team of Service Coordinators, some with more than a decade of experience.

Our Service Coordinators provide assistance to individuals and families in a variety of areas, with some of the most common activities being:

• Obtaining and maintaining Medicaid

• Pursuing Wavier enrollment

• Assistance and advocacy at Committee of Special Education (CSE) meetings

• Linkage to summer camps (securing funding if needed)

• Linkage to recreation services, for both children and adults

• Applying for and maintaining benefits, such as SSI

• Applying for Family Support Services (Family Reimbursement, Special Sitters, etc.)

• Applying for a NY State Park Access Pass (allowing free admission to state parks)

• Assistance in transition to adult services (e.g., sheltered workshop, supported work, day habilitation)

• Linkage to at-home supports (e.g., residential habilitation, hourly respite)

• Assistance and guidance in obtaining and maintaining housing (e.g., applying for Section 8)

• Pursuing guardianship

• Exploring and securing residential placement

• Pursuing funding for adaptive equipment and environmental modifications

• Assisting individuals in exploring their personal interests (e.g., photography, dance, reading, etc.)

To qualify for MSC, an individual must meet the eligibility criteria set forth by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and have an ongoing and comprehensive need for service(s). For questions about the program, contact Jennifer Warner, MSC Director, at (585) 991-5481. For intake eligibility, contact Jean Angililli at (585) 658-2828 ext. 338.