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Day, Community, and Intake Services
To apply for services, please download and return the completed paperwork to The Arc:

Application for Services

Use this form to when applying for the following:
• Residential Services
• Day Hab.
• Community Hab.
• Hourly Respite
• Eligibility for OPWDD Services
• Service Coordination
• Work Programs

Special Sitter Application
We provide over 40 families In Livingston and Wyoming Counties with Special Sitter services. Special Sitters need to be available to attend agency mandated trainings during the work week. Hiring and training Sitters that are in school will occur during the months of July and August only. We can not guarantee a certain number of hours for Special Sitters, hours are based on the consumer's need. We are looking for sitters to work in Livingston and Wyoming Counties. If you are interested please call the Day, Community and Intake Services Coordinator at (585) 658-0200 ext. 1 for additional information.

Download a Special Sitter Application

Available Services
Community Habilitation
Trained staff work with your child at your home to learn daily living skills. Skills can include money management, cooking, laundry, advocacy at medical appointments, travel training, and more.

Crisis Intervention & Behavioral Services
This is a comprehensive series of three levels of behavioral services based on risk and severity and accessible to Arc programs and families. It includes a thorough background review, behavioral analysis, and development and implementation of a plan. Training is available to families/caretakers/service providers, who are involved in any aspect of the process.

Day Habilitation
The Day hab Program serves to promote life-long learning opportunities through activities that stimulate each person's intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Additionally, the program and its participants spend time giving back to the community through volunteerism and participation in local civic and community opportunities.

Family Education and Training
Several trainings are offered each year by Arc staff and outside agencies. Trainers provide parents with information regarding the wide array of services available to people with disabilities.

Family Reimbursement
Dollars are reimbursed for purchased goods and services that are not funded through other resources. Items such as diapers, medication, doctor co-pays, and sitter services may be considered for reimbursement.

In-Home Hourly Respite
Because every parent/caregiver needs time for yourself, hourly respite is available at your home by trained Arc employees. The service can be used weekly or monthly to best meet your needs.

Recreation for Kids/Teens
From community parks to area fitness centers and bowling alleys, don’t be surprised where you might cross paths with the enthusiastic participants of the Kids/Teen Recreation program. Two groups (age 8-14 and age 14-18) meet on separate Saturdays for age-appropriate recreation activities. This service is offered at no cost to families.

Recreation for Adults
Adults over 18 receive a monthly calendar. Community outings include bowling, dance class, horseback riding, scrapbooking, sporting events, shopping, and trips to local restaurants. Transportation is included but the cost is paid by the individual with the disability.

Special Sitters
Special Sitters provide one-on-one care in a family’s home, acting as companions to individuals with disabilities so the family may break from providing constant care. Special Sitters have training in areas such as CPR, sensitivities to disabilities, and first aid. Anyone over the age of 14 can apply to be a special sitter.