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Hilltop Industries can provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn employment skills and find meaningful work.

The first step is to conduct a vocational evaluation to determine unique strengths, limitations and interests. A plan is then developed for each person to provide the necessary training in the appropriate program.

For more information, please call (585) 658-3311 or fax (585) 658-4563.

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Sheltered Employment
Hilltop Industries operates three facility-based work centers that provide training and a variety of paid work experiences. Many businesses subcontract with Hilltop for the completion of assembly, packaging and printing jobs for their companies. Sheltered employment prepares, trains and supports individuals to be productive and independent employees.

Services available with sheltered employment include:
• Case Management
• Day Training
• Pre-Vocational Training
• Transportation

Work centers are located at:
• 18 Main Street - Mount Morris, NY 14510, (585) 658-2828
• 3 East Street - Mount Morris, NY 14510, (585) 658-3311
• 2569 East Avon-Lakeville Road - Avon, NY 14414, (585) 658-2838

Supported Employment
In the supported employment program Hilltop staff assists individuals in finding and keeping jobs in the community. Job Coaches work with individuals and employers to provide job training, periodic work assessments and other on-the-job supports.

Supported employment services include:
• Job Coaching
• Case Management
• Job Development & Placement
• Transportation
• On-Going, Follow-Along Support

Career Center
The Hilltop Industries Career Center offers evaluation and career planning for high school students and other adults. Various career choices are offered which provide training and support to people with disabilities as they begin to explore work options.

Services available with the Hilltop Industries Career Center:
• Diagnostic Vocational Evaluations
• Summer Work Study
• Personal Adjustment Training
• Job Coaching
• Case Management
• Transportation
• Community Based Assessment

Senior Citizen Program (Open Roads Seniors)
This program, located at 66 Stanley Street in Mount Morris, provides older persons with disabilities the opportunity to participate in leisure activities of their choice such as community outings, recreation/physical activities, crafts, and parties.

Day Habilitation Program (Uptown Day Hab)
The Day Habilitation Program is a group-oriented program that focuses on helping people with disabilities to develop meaningful leisure time activities as well as to learn new skills. The program is designed to meet the varying needs of the people we serve and offers activities such as crafts, cooking, library visits, shopping and movies. Activities are offered at the facility located at 3 East State Street in Mount Morris as well as at various locations in the community.