Amy Beiswenger and Mellina Provorse

Amy Beiswenger and Mellina Provorse are both just 39 years old.  So how could it be that they are among the most senior members of our Seniors team?


While many of the program participants that they support have the leg up on them in terms of age, Amy and Mellina have the edge when it comes to time spent with the program.  They are both celebrating 15 years of employment as Senior Aides!


Through The Years

Both Mellina and Amy started with Hilltop Business Services fresh out of high school, around the year 2000.  They began their careers doing piecework at the Work Center in Mount Morris, and soon branched out into other areas; Amy took a job at McDonald’s, while Mellina tried her hand at Hilltop’s Lunch Cart.  At about the same time, a new “Seniors” program for a small group of older individuals was getting started not far away, in the Hilltop Conference Room.


“I remember them meeting right there across the hall when I was working the Lunch Cart,” Mellina says.


By 2004, it was apparent that the Seniors program was destined for growth – and based on their enthusiasm to take on new tasks, Mellina and Amy were tapped as potential Senior Aides.  They jumped at the chance, and haven’t turned back.


Today, the Open Roads Seniors program supports more than 30 individuals, and employs 11 staff at 66 Stanley Street in Mount Morris.  Amy and Mellina couldn’t be prouder to be part of the group.


“My favorite part of the job is helping people, and being a part of a team,” Amy says – and Mellina agrees.


“I like working with the clients, but I also like my coworkers and my bosses,” she says.


According to Habilitation Coordinator Elyse Strom, who supervises this dynamic duo, the feeling is mutual.


“They’re my girls,” she says, enthusiastically.  “They’re just phenomenal.  They are always willing to do what needs to be done, and take on new tasks.  They are just invaluable.”


Their responsibilities are vast: they help out with crafts, in the kitchen, ordering lunches, loading and unloading buses, and with outings such as bowling and ceramics, to name just some of their duties.


Looking Forward

In her spare time, Mellina loves to bowl with Arc Recreation, shop, and sell Avon products.  Amy likes to spend time with her dog, Baxter, and travel to South Carolina and Memphis, TN to see her brothers.  Both Mellina and Amy are very family oriented, and are proud aunts.


At work, they have no intention of slowing down.  While they have many years to go before they’re Seniors themselves, Amy and Mellina are excited to continue to grow older and wiser with the close-knit Open Roads crew.


“We plan to be here for at least another 15 years,” they say, together.

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