Looking back to last year, I am grateful that we are an agency comprised of strong members, employees, Board representatives, and individuals who are able to adapt gracefully and embrace change.


As we anticipated, 2018 was not always an easy road. We said goodbye to longtime friends and coworkers from Service Coordination, and formed the new Intake & Innovative Supports team. KidStart consolidated services at the Lehman Building. We rallied to address staffing crises in Residential, Transportation, and Day Services. Hilltop further found its footing as a Social Enterprise where individuals with and without disabilities work side-by-side.


Change isn’t easy, even when it’s for the better. But we are here to support each other, whether the circumstance warrants cheers or tears. It reminds me of the ways that we support the individuals enrolled in our programs, which is the highest compliment; nobody provides better service than Arc staff.


2019 continues our trend of challenges and opportunities. But even amid uncertainty, there are simple steps that any community member  can take to help protect life-changing supports for our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers: Join an Arc board committee, write to an elected official, write a letter to the editor, volunteer at an Arc event in your town, and sign up or renew your membership for as little as a dollar.


In recent months, I have connected in person with many of you at community meetings and other Arc events. I will continue to do so throughout the year. Working together, we have helped to refine Arc programs and services to best meet the needs of the people we support. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, and for continuing to help us as we raise the bar on services and supports.


Together, I am confident we will continue to set the standard as our area’s premier quality- and person-focused organization.

Martin Miskell, Executive Director

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