Hilltop Printshop Curbside Pick-Up

Hilltop Printshop is open for business! As we navigate the “new normal,” there are a few modifications for customers because we can no longer let anyone other than staff inside the Printshop.   Pickup hours are 9:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 3:00pm.   When a customer arrives, they will see yellow “CURB SIDE PICKUP” […]

A High Bar

Board President Marcy VanZandt and “Casey’s Dad” have raised the bar for this week’s video! Do the limbo rock with the dynamic duo … because life’s a beach when you have the right attitude! How low can YOU go!?

Tour de Perry 2020 Cancelled

Event organizers everywhere have been faced with the impossible task of weighing carefully the protection and health of event participants and volunteers with the overwhelming desire to move forward with planned activities, especially as summer approaches. After as much delay as we could reasonably withstand, we have decided that, even with modifications and safety protocols, […]

Hilltop Printshop to Reopen Monday

Hilltop Printshop will begin to reopen for business on Monday, May 18. Please contact us at (585) 658 – 2828 ext. 201 or awoodhouse@lwarc.org for more information on how we can meet your design and printing needs. We look forward to your business!

We Miss You; Please Be Patient

Please be patient as our region of New York begins the slow process of reopening beginning Friday, May 15. More than anything, we are looking forward to the day that we can eventually all be together. But the process of opening an agency as large and diverse as The Arc will take time. Operations will […]

Another Manic Monday

It’s another manic Monday with Board President Marcy VanZandt, who logged 1,500 steps on her Fitbit with this routine before many of us were even out of bed! This week’s message of hope, inspiration, and just plain silliness also features “The Twist,” a guest hula hooper, and much more. Be strong, keep the faith, and […]

Doctor’s Orders: Consider a Backpack Program Donation

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Our favorite doggie doc “Dr. Nico” is introducing a brand new way to support the KidStart Backpack Program: DONATE ONLINE! Your donation will help local families with vital food items so that they can continue making healthy meals during these challenging times. Donate here.

Ma and Pa VanZandt

Board President Marcy VanZandt is back to ponder the question “What day is it anyway?” Whatever the answer, it’s time to move like Marcy! And while this routine might not break your Achy Breaky Heart, it will do a number on your funny bone. Thanks to “Ma and Pa” VanZandt for bringing the smiles, and […]

Let’s Stay Connected!

What (and who) do you miss most during this “stay at home time?” Board President Marcy VanZandt and the rest of your Arc family want to know! Leave a shout out to your friends, staff, and co-workers on our Facebook page. Share the love as you “Do the Freddie” with Marcy and Ed!

Who is That Masked Woman?

Board President Marcy VanZandt is back, with another message of good humor and hope for the whole Arc family!  So settle in and move like Marcy.  No jacket required!  #arcdancechallenge