Supported Living

Community Habilitation services, also known at The Arc as Supported Living Services, are usually provided at home and help a person gain, keep, or improves skills in a variety of areas.


These services are intended to promote independence as well as community integration.Individuals are able to set goals for themselves in the following areas:

Staff and supervisor work with the person and family on goals that help them achieve their vision for now and in the future.


Are These Goals That Make Sense For You?

  • Social Behaviors—conducting oneself appropriately in restaurants, stores and other public places with the help of staff
  • Personal Hygiene—working on tasks like toileting, bathing, tooth brushing, and more
  • General Household Chores—meal prep, routine shopping, laundry, cleaning with prompts and with someone helping to provide motivation
  • Self-Care—completing tasks that use grooming aids like hairbrushes, nail clippers, and shaving equipment
  • Mobility and Travel Training—travel training including use of public transportation, and encouragement and assistance in ways to access your community using and developing natural supports
  • Life Safety—working on fire evacuations, stranger danger, when to call 911
  • Financial Management—training in money recognition and counting, use of money and change making, plus monthly budgeting and training in writing checks and having a bank account
  • Personal Health Care—assistance and support at regular medical and dental appointments, basic first aid and basic nutrition
  • Hands-On Assistance—help from staff to assist with an individual who may have physical limitations that could get in the way of meeting their health, safety or Community Hab goals and objectives.  Community Habilitation services focus on assisting the person to reach the goals and independence that they desire.