Hourly Respite Care

Hourly Respite Chart

Respite means “to relieve temporarily.” Families understand that respite is also about time; a time to reset, renew and relax.


Respite services provide temporary support and relief to caregivers and to the individual receiving services by bringing in another person as caregiver, helping to reduce overall family stress.


Respite can be Provided in a Variety of Ways:


As a Waiver Service with an agency trained and employed staff member who the family approves for this service; funding max is typically 6 hours per week


As a Family Reimbursement/Family Support Service with a trusted family member or friend who does not live in the home. They are paid by the family and then their hourly rate, up to $10, is reimbursed to the family


As a Family Reimbursement/Family Support Service called Special Sitters, with the family selecting a sitter from a list, for a certain number of hours per year


As a Self-Directed Waiver Service where the family works with an agency to help self-direct respite.  Another option would be to manage your own budget and staff with help from a Fiscal Intermediary and Support Broker to hire, train and supervise them.


Interested in Learning More?

Talk to your service coordinator about Respite services.  For other questions, contact Family Support Services Supervisor Cathy Sullivan at (585)658-0200 ext. 1.



“I am so thankful for Arc’s Hourly Respite program. I absolutely love the sitter that takes care of Amaria. The service also provides me the time and opportunity to complete my education in drug and alcohol counseling.  I really appreciate this wonderful program.”
– Jessica Tompkins


“I spend a couple of nights a week helping out a family, and they are so appreciative.  I absolutely love the mom, and the boys that I spend time with are awesome.  This job would be right for anyone with any kind of heart.”
– Kim Biondolillo, Habilitation Specialist


Respite may be provided to people of all ages who live in a family setting.  Family members can choose to stay home during respite time