Family Support Services (FSS)

Family Support Services enhance a family’s ability to provide in-home care to their family members with a developmental disability, with the goal of improving or maintaining family stability.


Outreach & Intake: Helps with service access and the complete eligibility process, works with other local resources, plans family education and support classes in a variety of areas including guardianship, and helps in the coordination of intake for day, vocational, and community services.


Family Reimbursement: By carefully following the guidelines, families may be able to access up to $1,500 funding each year, related to a person’s developmental disability.


Crisis & Behavior Supports: Provides in home and community supports for better living.


  • Available only if you have a family member eligible for OPWDD services who lives with you
  • FSS may be accessed right after eligibility is determined, with no need to wait for the Medicaid waiver
  • Provides aid to caregivers in a variety of ways, from enhancing parenting skills to helping to prevent out of home placement
  • Maximizes the potential of the family member with a disability


To access Family Reimbursement and all Behavior Supports, please contact Cathy Sullivan, Coordinator of Day, Community and Intake Services, at 658-0200, ext. 1, and for eligibility and intake as listed, contact 991-5459 or