Day & Vocational Services

Employment and day programs are flexible and can be mixed and matched. Care Coordinators working with The Arc’s employment services can help the individual develop a plan that works best for them.


Our Person Centered approach is an open, creative and flexible process during which we help identify our individual’s goals and then align them with specific programs and services that will best meet those goals. The process is always adapting to changes driven by the individual’s needs and desires.


Vocational and Day

Day and Vocational Services include:

Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE)

ACE is an Office of Mental Health employment program offered through The Arc for people who are in mental health counseling and not eligible for other services.



Bridges is a community based day program in a smaller group setting or 1:1 for people challenged by larger settings, where individuals can work on skills to help them cope more effectively with their environment.

Career & Youth Services

Youth Services include programming through ACCES-VR such as the Youth Employment Services (YES) Program, Vocational Evaluations, Summer Youth Employment, CDOS Work Based Learning Hours, Transition Assistance.

Community Connections

Community Connections is a community based pre-vocational (Pre-Voc) program that uses all volunteer (no wages) opportunities to work toward goal of supported employment, and within that group are many levels of readiness to work.


LIVES Program

LIVES is a program for people 21 and older at SUNY Geneseo that extends the GVEP LIVES program.  Learning, independence, vocational, education and social skills in the campus environment.


Open Roads Day Habilitation (Seniors)

Uptown Day Habilitation

Open Roads and Uptown are day habilitation programs for those who express interest in working on daily living skills and volunteer experiences; they are a site based program with community involvement and differing levels of activity to meet individual’s needs.


Pathway to Employment

Community Discovery (Pathway to Employment) is a 1 year, intensive pre-vocational program with the goal of competitive, integrated employment at the end of the year using a person-centered exploration and discovery of skills and abilities, likes and interests with internships and worksite experiences.

Peterson Employment Center

Peterson Work Center is a site-based pre-vocational employment program that assists individuals to develop employment readiness skills, with current workers of all abilities and a commensurate wage.


Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a program where an individual works in the community and/or in our business services, earning minimum wage or better, with supports such as job coaching, case management, and person centered employment planning.


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