KidStart Children’s Services

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The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming has provided vital services to area children and families for more than 35 years through the KidStart Program. Over the decades, KidStart has grown from serving 12 children to serving over 350 children, from 8 counties and 18 school districts. Children are served at the Lehman Center in Mt. Morris. Home and community based services are also provided by KidStart staff.


Day Care

KidStart is a licensed provider of care for children with special needs and for children without disabilities.


Early Intervention

Children engage in activities where they receive help from certified special education teachers and certified / licensed therapists.


Head Start

Provides preschool children and their families activities to assist in all areas of growth and education.


Special Services Preschool Program

Is a comprehensive program providing: screening and evaluation, special education, speech, occupational and physical therapy, counseling and referrals. Certified special education professionals and licensed therapists in this program accommodate each
child’s unique needs.


Evaluation Services

State-approved evaluation center delivers a comprehensive appraisal and written analysis of your child’s abilities and needs.



  • In a staff of 100, over half are certified professionals.
  • All the staff are continually trained with the information and skills necessary to implement education trends and regulations.
  • Training focuses on child development and early childhood curriculum.
  • Training and practice keep pace with new medical findings, innovative collaborations and shifts in regulations.



“My daughter, Luna, had five or six surgeries for her hip between birth and age two.  When she started at KidStart at age three, she wasn’t walking. Two months into the program, they had her up and walking, and it was miraculous. She also wasn’t feeding herself. We got her to KidStart, and they have her using forks and spoons. Her progress is night and day from when she started here, and that was just a year ago. I don’t even want to imagine our world without KidStart.”

Melissa Siewert