• Families working together are the foundation of our Residential Services Program
  • Serves more than 90 people in homes and apartments
  • Offers a 35 year record of service
  • Homes are surveyed by Office for People With Developmental Disabilities’ Bureau of Certification/Quality Assurance Program for health, safety, and overall compliance
  • Residential Habilitation Services build skills  to achieve individuals’ goals

A Model For Success
Residential services


Services are Delivered on a Continuum

Residential program participants graduate to their optimal level of Residential independence, depending on individual goals and abilities.

Residential Cycle

Priority  Levels

Admission is presently based on need:
  • 1st- Urgent Emergency: abusive/neglectful situation, homelessness, pending
  • 2nd- Emergency Prevention: aging/failing health of caregiver
  • 3rd- Non Urgent: request future placement (within 5 years)

Where are We?

Residential Map



Contact your Service Coordinator. If you don’t have one, contact Outreach at:

  • (585) 658-2828 x338
  • Text: 519-5709

For More Information, contact Residential Director Deborah Tuckerman at (585) 658-2828 X 141



“For the first time in her life, our daughter is able to experience all of the thrills, nervousness, and responsibility that accompany independent living.  I also feel an incredible sense of relief knowing that she is well cared for by dedicated direct support professionals at the house.”

Marcy VanZandt, Parent


“I was a little homesick that first night. But now I like it- a lot. I can be my own person.”

Miranda Snyder, Program Participant


“When our daughter comes home for a couple days or a weekend, she’ll say, ‘Mom, when are you taking me back to my house?’  That gets me right in the heart, but I know it’s the best thing. She’s independent, the staff is awesome, and she loves her home.”

Marian Clark, Parent