The Top 4 Reasons I love My Job

Are you looking for a job that offers more than just a place to work? If you join our team, you will be joining our family.  Erin has shared the top reasons that she chooses to work at The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming.  Erin is a Vocational Specialist and we are thankful to have her as part of our team!


#1 The People 

It is such a rewarding experience to work with the people that we support. Their smiles, the conversations shared, and seeing them being able to work or participate in activities that they want to be a part of; it provides a sense of fulfillment that I didn’t have with other jobs.


#2 The Connections

I started working in the Residential Program, and I still do some per diem work for them. I moved into Day Programming at Hilltop, and am now a Vocational Specialist working with those in Supported Employment. Throughout all those transitions, I have been able to meet and work with many different individuals and coworkers. The bonds that I’ve built with them are priceless! I’ve been blessed to be able to keep in touch with many of them through these transitions.


#3 The Community

I’d have to say I have the most fun when I pick up shifts at the IRAs. I love the sense of community, family if you will, that is apparent while I’m there. Sitting around the table talking about their day, helping to prepare a meal, or just joking around with them during their downtime. All the guys have always been so welcoming, and I truly enjoy being there with them.

#4 The flexibility
I like the flexibility I have with my supervisor. The paid time off is really nice because it allows me to take a break when needed. But the biggest “perk” is definitely being able to see and talk to the people we support each day. Knowing that I’ve influenced their lives, even if it’s just in a small way, makes it all worth it!

Are you ready to join our family at The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming? Are you unsure where to start? Give Miranda Collin a call at 585-658-2828 ext. 104. You can also email her at We are here to help you find the perfect opportunity.