The Top 3 Reasons I love My Job

The Arc offers more than a just job with benefits. We offer a family-like atmosphere that gives you the opportunity to have fun at work. How amazing is that? Jessica loves her job as it gives her the freedom to be herself. Jessica was recently promoted to a Medical Appointment Coordinator! Congratulations, Jessica! We are proud of you!


#1 The People 

I enjoy working with the people we support because they are extremely optimistic and cheerful. This last year has been a challenge for everyone. The individuals have been amazing in stepping up to that challenge!! They have been calm throughout all of the COVID restrictions.


#2 The Connections

I have made many new friends while working at The Arc. In the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve met many people through this agency. There is a young lady who lives in Perry and I met her at one of the dances. She makes it a point of talking to me every time she sees me out in public. She told me I was her friend and I’m happy with that. Our individuals are more than just a part of my job, they really are my friends.


#3 The Best Perk

I can sing at the top of my lungs and there is never a complaint! 😊 On Friday morning I bring my speakers and play either 60’s & 70’s mixes or dance mixes, dependent on the mood. I start the dancing around the house while doing my morning routine, singing at the top of my lungs and driving my co-worker crazy. Almost every time, 2 or more the ladies will join in. Just this morning I swung my partner round and round. At every dance I’ve been to before lockdown, I was on the floor with the ladies. We tell jokes, pick on each other, I’ve even been chased around the dining room table by a giggling individual. I believe that if you can’t have fun at work, then there is no point in working.

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